First Christian Church, Galesburg , IL                  

(Disciples of Christ)

At the Crossroads sermon series

Sermon Series: “At the Crossroads”

Please join us for our Lenten Worship Series, featuring interviews with famous figures from the story of Jesus' journey to the Cross.

  • March 15 - Compassion (interviewing Malchus [Erik Galvin]) - Worship service cancelled
  • March 22 - Declaration (interviewing Peter [Chris Mowrer]) - Worship service cancelled
  • March 29 - Obedience (interviewing John [Kaleb Brown])
  • April 5 (Palm Sunday) - Suffering (interviewing Simon the Zealot [David Wilt])
  • April 9 (Maundy Thursday) - Forgiveness (interviewing Marie and Tom [modern-day; Renee Galvin and Neill Unger])
  • April 10 (Good Friday) - Death (interviewing Mary, mother of Jesus [Mary Runge])
  • April 12 - Life (interviewing Mary Magdelene [Rachel Ridgeway])
Women's Lenten series

Women's Lenten Series

Please join us for our Women's Lenten Worship Series, each Wednesday at 9:30 from February 26 - April 1.

  • March 11 - The Uncertainty of Worry (Chris Bailey) - Service cancelled
  • March 18 - The Uncertainty of Surrender (Toni Mudd) - Service cancelled
  • March 25 - The Uncertainty of Obedience (Sue Welty) - Service cancelled
  • April 1 - The Uncertainty of Death (Tami Qualls)

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Sunday Schedule
8:30: First Worship  Service, Quest Band
10:00: Sunday School classes for children and adults; 
11:00: Second Worship Service, Organ and Choir

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As a congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we believe:

-the Bible to be the inspired word of God and the foundation of our faith.

-in a strong emphasis on the teaching and preaching ministry – learning and growing in faith.

-each time we gather in worship, we remember that Jesus died for us and is alive today. Communion is central to who we are as a people of faith, drawing us close to the Lord and to each other.

-that prayer is our vital link to our Lord and Savior.

-we are called to reach out to help our neighbors, both here and around the world through our gifts of time, talent and money.

-we are stewards of all our God-given resources and believe in tithing (proportionate giving) to the ministry of God’s people.

-every life is precious to God. We value each other and celebrate the unique gifts God has placed into each life. We celebrate diversity in the midst of unity in Christ. Ministry to all ages and stages in life is important.

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